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Smart foundations enable items to recover from impact, improving safety and effectiveness and reducing the cost of maintenance by around 90% for the entire lifespan of a development.

Smart foundations- the foundations for building a better future


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Now you can reduce the cost of both installing and maintaining road-side infrastructure by around 90% and continue saving for the entire lifespan of a development – Can you afford not to? MRWA Approved: The Smart Taper provides  “a significant cost benefit in replacing the damaged sign post by re-using the existing footing.” MRWA Click…

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Awarded Innovation of the year by department of Commerce, the Smart Taper is revolutionizing the way Main Roads and local councils maintain our roads and road-side structures- this smart technology is enables them to build far more sustainable developments than ever before- reducing damage, disturbance and waste, and substantially reducing the cost of maintaining our roads.…

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Awarded Worksafe Award by department of Occupational Health and Safety , the Smart Taper is revolutionizing the way Main Roads and local councils maintain our roads and road-side structures. This smart technology is enables them to replace damaged items in literally seconds, keeping our roads safer, reducing the risk of injury to public and to road workers.…

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MRWA important specification updates: Smart Taper can now be used for the securing of traffic signs in WA.  60 OD CHS posts can be used instead of the more expensive RHS posts.  Smart Urban can quote on all your signage and traffic infrastructure requirements. Large range of road construction and traffic supplies. Click here for…

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Smart technology is now being used by all major cities in WA to reduce maintenance. With many thousands of units installed internationally since 2001, the Smart Taper is well accepted world-wide by hundreds and hundreds of happy users. No unit has ever required replacing in over a decade. Click here for list of clients.

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Sustainable development: Australia’s leading mining companies are using new sustainable construction supplies that enable them to leave behind no waste or landfill when site is closed, reducing their carbon footprint to Zero. Smart precast concrete foundations are removed and re-located as desired. All infrastructure can be removed and reinstated at a new site saving on shut down and set…

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What Our Customers Think

Winner of the Department of Occupational Health & Safety Worksafe Award and  Innovator of the Year from Dept of Commerce


These ideas are just so simple…it’s almost embarrassing nobody thought of them before” 

When building the new Southern Gateway Leighton selected Smart technology to improve the long term sustainability of the highway and ensure there is no disturbance to traffic for maintenance
The Smart ground sockets were very easy to install and provide a clean professional finish that we are assured will stay that way. These Smart removable bollards make our job so much easier and enable us to keep the highway in a safe working condition  – More than happy to recommend.


Engineers from City of Perth came to Smart Urban to provide a low cost and  sustainable solution to an on-going problem..

We had a terrible problem with on-going damage to our bollards and had tried everything! The  Impact Recovery System  is the only method we have found that keeps working- It saves us so much time by reducing damage to foundations, and damaged bollards can be quickly replaced. Definitely recommend”  David Hammer

Seeking to reduce risk of injury to workers and to keep our roads in good working condition.

We had signs that were being hit on a regular basis (once or twice a week we were having to replace this sign). Since installing the Keep Left on a Smart Taper and Spring return post we haven’t had to replace it once. We highly recommend using the Taper and Spring Return Posts if you have similar problems with vulnerable signs- especially when dealing with wide loads

Impact Recovery System

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